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Bhutan is linguistically rich with over eighteen dialects being spoken in the country. The richness of the linguistic diversity can be attributed to the geographical disposition of the country with its high mountain passes and deep valleys that contributed to their survival.

The national language is Dzongkha, which is the native language of the Ngalops of western Bhutan. Dzogkha literally means the language spoken in the Dzongs and administrative centers of Bhutan.

The other major languages are the Tshanglakha and the Lhotshamkha. Tshanglakha is the native language of the Tshanglas of eastern Bhutan while Lhotshamkha is spoken by the southern Bhutanese of Nepali origin.

Other dialects spoken are the Khengkha spoken by the Khengpas of Central Bhutan, the Bumthapkha spoken by the Bumthaps, the Mangdepkah spoken by the inhabitants of Trongs and the Cho Cha Nga Chang kha spoken by the Kurtoeps. The Sherpas, Lepchas and the Tamangs in southern Bhutan also have their own dialect. Dialects that is on the verge of becoming extinct is the Monkha and the Gongduepkha.

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Sumdrang Kangsol
11th-13th November
Sumdrang Lhakhang, Ura, Bumthang
Crane Festival
11th November
Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang
Tang Namkha Rabney
21st-23rd November
Tang Namkha, Lhakhang, Tang, Bumthang
Jambay Lakhang Singye Cham
28th November
Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang
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