Hotel Drukchen


The lobby decorated by Bhutanese traditional antiques offers a fundamentally different world of experience to connoisseurs seeking novelty, sensation, and exclusivity. At night, space is illuminated with dramatic lighting. The lobby adds value to the identity of Bhutan which is a great tool for cultural attraction. 

Enjoy the blend of tradition and modernity in our suite rooms designed to transport you to the surreal world of peace and tranquility. The comfort of life and luxury of time are perfectly crafted in our exquisite wooden furniture made of rare mahogany found in the deep Himalayan forests of Bhutan. With spacious room, separate lounge and a dining area the suite presents the expense of luxurious space for our guests to stretch your comfort all over the places.

Cable TV
Soap & Toiletries
In room service
Iron (on request)
Bottled Water
Extra Bed
High Speed Wi-Fi
Laundry (on request)
Tea sets
Extra Pillow
Hair Dryer